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what irritates me..

there are soo many douchebags out there who have good looks but whose intelligence can be compared to a potatoe, and that think that they can do and say whatever they want. 
..and then there are wise and intelligent ones (not talking about the book worms) who don’t just talk about how drunk they got last friday and how many girls they banged through the weekend. but there are so many amazing guys who lack cofidence only because of their looks. 
but let me tell you one thing.. confidence + intelligence = sexy, ok? if you’re a guy who can make me laugh, who isn’t a douchebag to others, who is actually capable of talking about something other than parties, alcohol and girls.. I don’t care about your looks. like at all. I’d rather be with someone who is like that than a good looking and cocky bastard who is over himself and thinks that after you dump him, he can easily get another one like you.
okay good looks is always a pluss. but that’s not the main thing I’m after and never was. and to think that there are so many shallow people dating only because they like how their partner looks.
insecure guys should really suck it up because otherwise noone can see how amazing they can be. it annoys me when I see a guy who thinks that he can’t get a girl only because he’s not the most good looking guy on the planet, lol. 
I don’t understand how anyone can be over themselves because of how they look. I sometimes get compliments, yes. but I never have thought that I could get a guy only because of my looks. actually I never thought I was attractive or something but that’s not the point. I’m actually glad that my looks are not that great to attract all the guys cause then I’d mostly attract twats that won’t really want to see what’s inside of me. I’m just fed up seeing how amazing people don’t open up and how some guys I know change their girlfriends twice a month and each of them is attractive as fuck. I’m not saying that attractive girls can’t have great personalities but I just know too many people who are dumb as fuck and who get guys all the time because of their appearance. not long ago one guy told me that he was with a girl.. he told me how hot she was, how beautiful her hair was and everything about her appearence. he ended up being with her few days later (like most of the the girls he was with) and two weeks later he told me that he dumped her cause she was boring. why the hell then were you together with a girl who is boring? like seriously.. don’t people get to know each other before being together now? the worst part is that he still keeps doing that.. getting together and breaking up with girls only because of their appearance, not what’s inside of her. and every time I hear that she’s the one, pff
where are all the normal ones who just don’t want to get in your pants? who don’t use you and then dump you after they get bored?
I think that not many people now understand what love and being together means. I wonder how many people nowadays would continue dating, not getting upset and wanting to know about the person more if they had to wait like forever till getting physical.
just wanted to say that first things that I look for in a guy is confidence, good sence of humour and intelligence . not saying that you have to be like one of those supersmart guys who understand everything.. but atleast be smarter than a potato, ok? and don’t expect that I’m one of those who will run after you if you look hot. just sayin’

I don’t think I actually said everything that I meant but I’m too lazy to read what I wrote. not that anyone is going to read this, haha. bored so thinking about how shallow and narrow minded some people are.. cheers!

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